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Mai -Innyuuden- Dai Ni-go

In the world of martial arts tournaments making bets is a quite usual thing but obviously t the object of these bets can be different each time. Mai Shiranui has made her own bet as well but her pick dodn’t played as she was expecting and now she will have to work to pay the debt. What kind of debt? Well, the one that sends this parody comics onto hentai themed websites directly!

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When some milf is getting back home much later than usual she is risking a lot of things yet according to this comics she is risking to get more information about her neighbours than she probably should have! Yeah, it becomes clear that her neighbours are not only the martial artists from “King of Fighter” but they are also perverts of all kinds who love to fuck rough and hard!

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Angel Filled 2.0

Sweet looking and skillful fighter Angel from “King of Fighters” videogames series thinks that she is tough enough to handle not single opponent but a whole bunch of them at once! And ofcourse it was explained to her real soon what an arrogant idea this was… unless Angel was not planning to have a several rounds gangbang party all for herself from the very beginning?

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Maiing 4

The last tournament of “King of Fighters” is completely insane and not just because every one of the participants were implanted with chips that read all of their thoughts and movements but because the whole event is nothing more than an excuse to throw a wild gangbang party with the hottest female fighters such as Mai Shiranui, who will be the principal entertainment for the male spectators!

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Futa-Mai Seisakujou

Mai Shiranui may know some of the most effective fighting moves but they’ll be worth nothing at all when Poison will unveil her secret weapon- her huge and hard futanari, which will send Mei to the ground! It only takes a few minutes to Poison and her gang to cause Mai feelhow it feels to be roughly dominated… even when this power won’t be about fighting any more!

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Mushroom Communication 7

Helene and Athena have picked the most uncongruous form of attire for their journey to the Fallen Palace The attire is small, tight bikini suits which make their bodies look even more sexier! This could be part of their strategy. If the Fallen Palace is guarded by men it, they’ll be in no position to resist this level of attraction.

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Struggle Series KOF M ROUND2

Even if you’re a small and weak man, you have the chances to overcome the legendary Mai Shiranui from videogame series “King of Fighters”. What makes this possible? It appears that when it comes to big hard cock Mai totally forgets all about fighting , and basically all she wants right now is to be sucked into the most brutal and brutal manners!

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Yuri and Friends Jenny Special

Hot looking chicks have two options when they cannot find a suitable partner. You can either go out and have a sexy time by herself or go outside to find a partner quickly and easily. Fortunately, the main character of the comic has chosen the second option, and she has did it better than the other by adding female dominance and crossdressing cosplay into the mix!

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