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Mai -Innyuuden- Dai Ni-go

In the world of martial arts tournaments making bets is a quite usual thing but obviously t the object of these bets can be different each time. Mai Shiranui has made her own bet as well but her pick dodn’t played as she was expecting and now she will have to work to pay the debt. What kind of debt? Well, the one that sends this parody comics onto hentai themed websites directly!

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Angel Filled 2.0

Sweet looking and skillful fighter Angel from “King of Fighters” videogames series thinks that she is tough enough to handle not single opponent but a whole bunch of them at once! And ofcourse it was explained to her real soon what an arrogant idea this was… unless Angel was not planning to have a several rounds gangbang party all for herself from the very beginning?

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Struggle Series KOF M ROUND2

Even if you’re a small and weak man, you have the chances to overcome the legendary Mai Shiranui from videogame series “King of Fighters”. What makes this possible? It appears that when it comes to big hard cock Mai totally forgets all about fighting , and basically all she wants right now is to be sucked into the most brutal and brutal manners!

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King of Fighters – Kunoichi 2

Ayane, Kasumi and Mai Shiranui of “Dead or Alive” and Mai Shiranui, the star of “King of Fighters” Who do you think will win the battle? But before you will start making your guesses you should know one quite important detail – this ‘battle’ won’t be a challenge for their martial arts abilities, but it will be one wild fucking that requires lots of physical strength and skill!

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Athena and Buddies

While these cute anime characters may look nerdy and shy on their cover, once you start flipping through the pages of the online comicsyou’ll soon see how gorgeous they really are! That’s why we enjoy reading hentai parodies. It allows us to see familiar characters from a new angle. And these characters from “King of fighters” series aren’t an exception.

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Chikyuusen Dokurogou

This busty blonde chick has a complete and total control over the whole buch of dudes yet the secret of such power is actually quite simple – she knows how to reward them properly! And if you think that she is rewarding them by letting them all to fuck her with no holes barred only because you have found this comics on a hentai themed website then… then you are absolutely right!

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Koushoku Kuro Hada Kunoichi

A big and fuckable sexy ass of a curly gyaru slut Is there anything else for a young man to wish for? Well, the hero of the story will need to come up with a new wishes because the dream about fuck dark-skinned hottie with a bright head will become a reality the moment you flip the page! The text is in japanese however, it will predominantly be about fucking. So even if you don’t speak the language, you will be entertained.

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